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    Scouts and Parents, please note that a scout may NOT get anything in Tenderfoot through First Class signed off until he has completed the Boy Scout joining requirements and has completed a scoutmaster conference.

Troop 1 Bids Aloha to Wes

All of Troop 1 wishes you and your family the very best. Hope to see you again soon.

Photo by:  Arnold K

Wes with his Flaming Arrow Patrol

Wes with his Flaming Arrow Patrol

The Boy Scout Makahiki 2014

On Saturday, May 10 2014, the Boy Scouts had their annual Makahiki festival in which many different troops from around the state gathered at Ala Moana Beach Park to partake in various different activities hosted by private organizations, or by their fellow Boy Scouts.

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In Troop 1’s booth, we had something that involved fencing on a balance beam. The goal was to knock the opponent off of the beam twice to win. The premise was simple, but it was very appealing to the customers because we had multiple people coming back for more. It was mostly the younger kids but there was a group of older kids who had lots of fun fighting each other.
The boys who played seemed to have lots of fun because they were all happy when they fell of the balance beam and wanted to get back at their friend for beating them. All in all, our booth seemed to be one of the booths with more attention. I think it was because people heard the yells and saw the bright yellow balance beam. Or, it could be that it seemed fun to hit their friends.
Article by Bryson T.
Photos by Arnold K.

Preparing for the Makahiki

> In preparation for the Makahiki, older scouts tutored younger scouts in knot tying skills under supervision of assistant scout masters. The scouts then split up into patrols and put their knot tying skills to the test by building tents out of rope and tarps. Patrols then faced off in head to head competition and the winners were based on time and neatness of their tents.
> Article by Matthew K

> Photos by Arnold K

Cooking Corndogs

On our recent troop meeting, we did an activity to practice for a Makahiki event. In previous years the Makahiki events were stuff like knot tying and fire building, but this year it was something different. We not only had to build a fire, but also use that fire to cook a corndog, which we had to cover in batter ourselves. Continue reading

Hairpin Turn to Waimanalo Bay Beach Park Hike & Backpack Camp

On April 12, 2014, a small amount of older Scouts and adults, along with a much larger number of newer faces, met at the Hairpin Turn on the Pali Highway, to hike to Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, better know as “Sherwoods”. After a short preparation period, we began the 12-mile hike. Continue reading

Malama Manoa 1000 Tree Giveaway, Manoa District Park

The Malama Manoa 1000 Tree Giveaway service project was on Sunday, April 6, 2014, from 7:30 am, to 12:00 noon, at Manoa District Park. Ten scouts attended this project. Some of the reasons the Malama Manoa 1,000 Tree Giveaway is held is to make the island healthier, improve air quality, and to prevent erosion. The scouts helped unload trucks filled with plants, and carried them to their respective places, and helped people load their cars with plants. There were many varieties of plants like Ti leaf, Plumeria, and Papaya Trees. The Malama Manoa Tree Giveaway helps improve the environment in our community.

Article by Micah T.


Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.55.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.56.34 PM

Hiking from the Pali Lookout to Hoomaluhia (11/19 to 11/20/2011)

This nice Saturday morning walk started at the Pali Lookout. At 10:30 all of the scouts arrived ready for a big adventure. After a quick overview of where we would be heading we were on our way.

We first traveled on the Old Pali Road. This was great because it was downhill plus we were on concrete. We all had to hold on to our hats because it was super windy. If you jumped in the air the wind would push you back.

Once we reached the end of the old road we had to go Continue reading


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