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    Scouts and Parents, please note that a scout may NOT get anything in Tenderfoot through First Class signed off until he has completed the Boy Scout joining requirements and has completed a scoutmaster conference.

Troop 1’s Annual Christmas Wreath and Tree Sales: 12/6/2014

It’s only held once a year, so Troop 1 has to give it everything it has for its annual Christmas Wreath and Tree Sales.

According to Ms. Jayne K and Ms. Cindy K, Troop 1’s coordinators of the event, the annual sale was a big success. Congratulations to the 41 scouts who sold a total of 1,194 wreaths and 16 Christmas trees!

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Many thanks to St. Pius Church in Manoa for allowing Troop 1 the use of its facilities for the Christmas wreath and tree distribution.

Proceeds from the sale are used to support troop activities, badge purchases, camping supply caches … all of the elements of a strong scouting program.

Thanks for all of your hard work, scouts!

Article by Arnold K.

Photographs by Kyle R.

Troop 1 Court of Honor

On December 5, 2014, Troop 1 had a Court of Honor. Cole N. served as emcee with the Presentation of the Colors by the Flaming Arrow Patrol.


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At this Court of Honor, we celebrated the accomplishments of 21 scouts who received merit badges. A variety of merit badges were earned including: rifle shooting, environmental science, family life, law, shotgun shooting, archery, personal fitness motor boating, scouting heritage, camping, personal management, mammal study, weather, geology, indian lore, climbing, small boat sailing, rowing, forestry, wood carving and astronomy

In addition, 9 scouts achieved rank advancements ranging from Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class and Star. Lastly, Cole N. was awarded the Howard Miyake Award.

We concluded the Court Honor by enjoying a delicious potluck dinner.

Article by Arnold K.

Photographs by Kyle R.

David’s Eagle Scout Project: 10/12 – 13/2014

My Eagle project took place at Sacred Hearts Church on Columbus Day Weekend, and it’s purpose was to clean and polish the pews inside. According to some of the older parishioners, the pews haven’t been cleaned, ever. And if you’ve been to Sacred Hearts prior to my project, you could tell what they were talking about. The pews didn’t feel clean: The sides of the seats were covered in grime, there were scratches and discoloration on the surfaces and the seats were oily and dirty.


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On the first day of my project, October 12th, we laid paper down on the carpets of the church, so we wouldn’t spill any of the chemicals on the carpet. On the second day, October 13th, we first used Krud Kutter to get the heavy grime off, then used a product called Milsek to get other dirt off, as well as polish the pews. We then buffed with rags between the coats. We did two coats of Milsek, as well as a semi-third coat to fill in the holes that we missed. At the end, we did two buffs, and we were done.
My project was special to me, because so much of my family’s history revolves around that church: My parents were married there, my siblings and I were baptized there, my grandpa had his funeral there, I have people I know, friends I see, and a community built up from that church. I was glad that I was able to do something to better the community of that church, hopefully for years to come.
Article by David K.
Photographs by Kyle R. and Arnold K.

Connor’s Eagle Scout Project at the Hawaii Nature Center: 9/21/2014

My project benefitted the Hawaii Nature Center and its focus was to build a compost bin and clear invasive species around a stream near the center.


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We split up into two groups: one to build the compost bin and the other to clear the invasive species. My group worked from the morning into the late afternoon constructing and anchoring the compost bin; it was a great learning opportunity for everyone.

The other group did a great job too, although I wasn’t able to oversee everything that went on. All in all, I thought that everyone did an excellent job and the Nature Center was pleased with the result.

Article by: Connor M.

Photographs by: Kyle R.

Troop 1 at Noelani School Craft Fair Service Project: 11/8/2014

Troop 1 scouts and parents ran the snack shop at the Noelani Craft Fair. We helped sell Spam musubis, fried rice, cookies and drinks.
There were two booths that we helped work at. I was placed at the smaller booth which only sold cookies and drinks, but it was still very busy.
Since we had more kinds of drinks at the smaller booth, it was harder to get the orders right because people kept changing their mind.
All the proceeds went to Noelani Elementary to pay for supplies and special teachers (P.E., Art, Music).
We worked there from 9:30 to 1:00. The best part about it was that it was fun trying to find each drink while only seeing the side of it underwater.
Article by: Micah H.

Troop 1 at the Aiea Bowl

On Sunday September 28th, we went to Aiea Bowl as an activity with the Troop 1. From 8:30 to 11:00 we where able to bowl, talk with troop mates and have a great time! The only word I can use to describe this activity is fun, Fun and FUN! We bowled for approximately 4 rounds and one of them we where able to go cosmic bowling. People where getting strikes and spares many times every round. Scores ranged from 45 to 100, but no matter what score, we all had fun! At the activity, there where approximately 17 scouts. If you where one of them you’d have to admit that you had a great time! So next time this activity comes up, don’t have a second thought about this and sign up!

Article by: Cole N

Aiea Bowl

cosmic bowling

Troop 1 Court of Honor

On September 19, 2014, Troop 1 had a Court of Honor emceed by Davan S. At this Court of Honor, we celebrated the merit badge accomplishments of 24 scouts and the rank advancements of nine scouts.

After the rank advancements, we learned more about Mr. Howard Miyake and the award that bears his name. At this Court of Honor, Lucas H. was awarded the Howard Miyake Award.

Cole N. then gave an interesting speech about the Fire Mountain Trip the Troop went on this summer.

Lastly, Matthew K. gave a speech about the Annual Family Planning Picnic and DAV Camp with a brilliant explanation of how important both events are.

We concluded the Court Honor by enjoying a delicious potluck dinner.

Article by Cole N.

Photographs by Arnold K.

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